International Color Awards™| International Award Honoring Color Photography

Yevgeniy Repiashenko, Ukraine

Outstanding Achievement in Nude

Photographer: Yevgeniy Repiashenko

Country: Ukraine

Title: RA

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Christophe Martin, France

Outstanding Achievement in Aerial

Photographer: Christophe Martin

Country: France

Title: Chemical Ponds

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Mary Anne Chilton, USA

Outstanding Achievement in Wildlife

Photographer: Mary Anne Chilton

Country: USA

Title: Blue Blubbers

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Luke Hayes, UK

Outstanding Achievement Fine Art

Photographer: Luke Hayes

Country: UK

Title: Cold Carpark

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Neal Grundy, UK

Outstanding Achievement Advertising

Photographer: Neal Grundy

Country: UK

Title: Diadora Sneakers

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Poul Lange, USA

Outstanding Achievement in Photojournalism

Photographer: Poul Lange

Country: USA

Title: Selfie on Fire

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